Hondabond HT (1.9 oz)

Honda Part# 08718-0004
-High-temperature silicone liquid gasket.
-Unique formula is non-acidic and won't corrode aluminum like other silicon gasket products will.
-For use in applications not requiring solid gaskets.
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Hondabond 4 (3.5 oz)

Honda Part# 08717-1194
-Semi-drying liquid gasket.
-Seals irregular surfaces with a tough, elastic film.
-Solvent-based for easy removal; also resists gasoline.
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Honda OEM Oil Filter w/ Free Crush Washer

Fits all Honda/ Acura Motors and includes a FREE OEM Honda Crush Washer. This is the genuine oil filter from Honda.
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Hamp JDM Honda/ Acura Oil Filter

The HAMP oil filter will last longer and filter better than any of the oil filters currently on the market. Honda Part# H1540-RTA-003
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NGK V-Power Spark Plugs (4) for B18C, B18C5, B18C1, B16A VTEC Motors

NGK Part # BKR6E-11

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Skunk2 Magnetic Oil & Transmission Plug Set

Skunk2 Part # 657-05-0030
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Honda OEM B-series Distributor Cap & Rotor

Genuine Honda OEM B-series distributor cap and rotor.

NGK 7mm Spark Plug Wire Set Acura Integra GSR (B18C1) 94-01 & Honda Civic SI (B16A) 99-00

NGK Ignition Wire Set for Integra 94-01 GSR & Del Sol 94-97 DOHC. Part # HE64

K-Tuned Steel Oil Pan (K20/ K24)

K-Tuned Part # KTD-OLP-PAN
(Hardware not Included)
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K-Tuned Steel Oil Pan Kit (K20/ K24)

Includes Hardware and maganetic drain plug.
K-Tuned Part # KTD-OLP-KIT
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KAIZENSPEED H22 Timing Tensioner

KAIZENSPEED’s Version 2 H22 Timing Belt Tensioner directly replaces the stock H22 auto tensioner and eliminates the annoying H23 manual tensioner conversion. CNC
machined from billet aluminum with a Stainless Steel tension rod and jam
nut. No special adjustment wrench is needed with our tensioner!.

Honda / Acura Gates Racing Performance Timing Belt

Gates Racing - Performance Timing Belt Honda / Acura (Blue)

94-01 Acura Integra (all), 99-00 Honda Civic SI, & 92-97 Honda Del-sol DOHC VTEC (B16A) OE clutch kit

Direct OEM Replacement Clutch Kit. Also works with all B-series Hydraulic type transmissions
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NRG Ground Wire Kit

The Ground Wire Systems centralize the grounding point of the electrical mechanisms on the vehicle. By installing onto the battery's negative terminal or chassis for proper grounding. Ground Wire Systems cause less fluctuation on the electrical system, improves overall performance and responsiveness of the engine end electrical components. These are must-have for any vehicle with engine swap since proper grounding tends to be an issue associated with that type of performance modification. It Features a copper center hub and high quality 12 gauge low resistance wires available in red or blue.

KS-Tuned G23 Water Pump (H22 pulley pre-installed)

Water pump and gasket.
KAIZENSPEED Part number: KST-1007
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