Nippon Racing JDM CTR Civic Type-R Pistons & Bearings Race Engine Kit

Nippon Racing
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B16B CTR Civic Type R Spec Pistons works with most B-Series applications

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Nippon Racing High Compression Civic Type R CTR RACE Engine Conversion Kit


Nippon Racing Honda B16B CTR High Compression Pistons.

Nippon Racing Full Engine Gasket Kit.

NPR Performance Chrome Rings.

High Strength 9310 Steel Wrist Pins.

King RACE Rod and Main Bearings.

King Thrust Washers.


Nippon Racing Engine Gasket Kit Inlucdes the Following Gaskets and Seals.

Head Gasket (Nitrite MLS)
Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Stainless Steel MLS)
Intake Manifold Gaskets (B16A & B18C)
Valve Cover Gaskets and Seals
Oil Pan Gasket
Front Main Seal
Rear Main Seal
Spark Plug Galley Seals
Camshaft Seals
Camshaft Plug
All O-Rings
Exhaust Seals
Water Pump Gasket
Racing High Tempature Valve Stem Seals (Viton)
Oil Strainer Gasket
Oil Pump O-Rings

This Kit Will Fit The Following Engines

Honda B16A B16B B16A1, B17A, B18A/B, B18C
GS-R or B18C5 Type R


These pistons are designed for High Compression All Motor Engines with a Compression ratio of 10.20:1 to 12.64:1

B16A Block and Head 10.95:1

B18A/B Block and Head 11.40:1

B18C1 Block and Head 12.40:1

B18C1 Block and B18c5/B16A Head 12.10:1

B18A/B Block with B18C1 Head 12.64:1

These pistons have Holes in the wrist pin bosses to improve oiling and superior lubrication.

Piston skirts are fully coated for added protection aginst heat.

Oem honda pistons only have 20 percent of the skirt coated.

These pistons are domed to match Honda's B16B piston.

40 Percent stronger than OEM honda cast pistons.

Wrist pin center to dome height has been matched to within .001"

Dome displacement has been matched to within .005 CC

This results in near identical cylinder compression, yielding more horsepower and better efficiency.


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