OBD1 Budget D & B-series Tucked Engine Harness (OBD1 Engine/ OBD1 ECU)

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This D-series and B-series compatible wire-tuck engine harness is nearly identical to the Mil-spec engine harness line with the primary differences being the type of wire used, the single white wire color and expandable loom. New Harness NO Core Required

There are quite a few options available. Please look through them carefully to make sure you get the right parts!

Vehicle Type: Select your vehicles chassis type.
This tells us what interior "Chassis Adapter" to use for your setup.

Injector Adapters: The Injector adapters drop down menu has all the adapters you would need if you're selecting the OBD1 or OBD2 connectors but require a different Injector type only. (Look at this list if you don't know which type you have.)

Alternator Adapters: We currently only have OBD0/1 to OBD2 adapters (not 2->1), so if you have an OBD1 alternator, be sure to select the OBD1 type for your engine harness and use adapters for the injectors and distributor if necessary.

OBD2a ECU: This option will add the OBD1 to OBD2a ECU adapter for an additional $90.

Charge Harness:
• The "non-separated charge harness" option will add the Starter & Alternator leads to the fuse box. If you are not running your own Alternator power lead, you should add this.
• If you are relocating your battery, with our Starter Fuse box lead, all you need to do is run a heavy gauge wire to the starter from your 12v+ battery terminal in order to get 12v+ power to your fuse box.

All connectors and materials are new. Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a white identification label for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. Our engine harnesses are 100% quality tested pin to pin; And resistance checked to ensure no voltage fluctuations.

All engine harnesses are made with OBD1 (92-95) ECU Connectors. An ECU adapter can be used for OBD2 ECU's if necessary however our harness does not support USDM OBD2 ECU's. Aftermarket ECU's using OBD2 plugs and Non-US OBD2 ECU's are compatible (except for H22 and GSR stock computers).

Each harness will come with a custom back side sub-harness that will be proprietary to the chassis you choose on the drop down menu. This way if you ever change chassis you will only need a new sub-harness, not a whole new wire loom!

These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, however they are non-refundablereturnable or exchangeable. Because the back-side (interior/shock tower connection) separates from the main harness, the engine harness can be used on multiple chassis provided the engine itself uses the same components. We sell the back-side harness separately only over the phone for previous engine harness customers.

Generally Ships in 1-3 Business Days Depending on Selected Options

HARNESS CONNECTOR LIST:• Oil Pressure Sending Unit • Knock Sensor • Intake Air Temperature (Intake Manifold Style)• Oxygen Sensor (Primary 4 Wire) • Alternator • 2 Extra Wires• Injector 1-4 • MAP Sensor • TPS (Throttle position)• Idle Control Motor • Electronic Speed Sensor • Ground• Fan Switch • OBD1 Distributor plugs• h20 Sending Unit (for Gauge Cluster)
• Reverse Lights • Engine Coolant Temp • Starter Signal
• VTEC Solenoid • OBD1 ECU Plugs A,B,D • Power Distribution Cap