Nippon Racing JDM Honda B-Series Turbo Pistons

Nippon Racing
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Nippon Racing Performance Turbo B-Series Piston Kit (Press Fit) with rings.
Fitment: Honda B16A B16B B16A2, B17A, B18A/B, B18C (GS-R and B18C5 Type R Engines)

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Nippon Racing Performance Turbo B-Series Pistons
NPR Performance Gas Nitrite Coated Rings**

Honda B16A B16B B16A2, B17A, B18A/B, B18C 
GS-R and B18C5 Type R Engines. (Non Floating for OEM Honda B-Series Rods)

Resulting Compression:

B16A Block and Head 8.58:1 
B18A/B Block and Head 9.23:1 
B18C1 Block and Head 9.32:1 
B18C1 Block and B18c5/B16A Head 9.48:1 
B18A/B Block with B18C1 Head 8.74:1 

Nippon Racing has redesigned these pistons to share the alloy of the far superior Mitsubishi OEM Turbo castings. 
These pistons have the Deck and the Ring lands Fully coated with a Knock Resistant Coating.
The skirts have been Polished to a dull surface finish to Eliminate potential hot spots and further aid in heat transfer to the cylinder walls.
These pistons have been tested to support over 450 WHP with the proper tuning and supporting mods. 
Dome displacement has been matched to within .005 CC .
This results in near identical cylinder compression, yielding more horsepower and better efficiency. 

*This kit is a Press Fit Piston set meaning that they are designed to be used with OEM Original Honda Rods. If you have aftermarket rods, please purchase the Full Floating version of this kit.

Generally Ships in 2-3 Business Days

**81mm sets are currently in production and available for Pre-Order ships December 2021

**Rings may be NPR, GNH or Hastings depending on availability