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BLOX Tuner Series, Cams & Valvetrain Package, B16A-B18C 1.6/1.8L DOHC VTEC

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Package Includes: Pair of BLOX Tuner Series Type A, Type B or Type C Cams, BLOX High Rev Valve Springs (16), & Chromoly Black Retainer Set (16)

BLOX high performance camshafts offer the enthusiast increased horsepower and torque over the entire RPM range, through various designs and custom profiles.

All camshafts start off as raw castings sourced from OEM materials. Each is then manufactured using the latest design software and chill-casting technologies. All camshafts are CNC-ground to precise and exacting tolerances and specifications

BLOX currently offers different levels of performance through its Tuner and Competition Series. Custom (semi-blank) camshaft cores are also available for racers and engine builders that require blank cores in order to grind to their own profiles.

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