88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX. 2 point to 4 point engine wiring harness conversion

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Also called a Dual to Multi Point Conversion Harness. Required when swapping on a 88-91 Civic/ CRX "DX" Model. For D16, B16A, B17A B18B, B18C and B20 Swaps. Note: Standard harness does include VTEC wiring so if you are not going to be wiring in VTEC you will have a few extra plugs. The harness is however compatible with NON-VTEC motors.

This dual to multi-point D-series and B-series compatible wire-tuck engine harness has a few options available. Please look through them carefully to make sure you get the right parts!

All connectors and materials are new. Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a white identification label for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. All engine harnesses are 100% quality tested pin to pin; And resistance checked to ensure no voltage fluctuations.

All engine harnesses are made with OBD1 (92-95) Computer (ECU) Connectors. A computer plug adapter can be used for OBD2 computers if necessary however our harness does not support USDM OBD2 computers. Aftermarket computers using OBD2 plugs and Non-US OBD2 computers are compatible (except for H22 and GSR stock computers).

For install help with the tuck harness version of this harness, (please click here)

If you have purchased one of our older (core required versions of this harness) from us please visit the following link for help with your install:


Please Note that we only do harness for M/T Swaps. Swap Harness' are compatible with the following ECU's: P28/ P30/ P72 (with Hondata)/ P73 (with Hondata). Other ECU's may require further harness modification or may not be compatible.

Please note that for OBD1 conversions you will no longer need to use an OBD0 to OBD1 ECU conversion harness.

*This item ( 88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX dual to multipoint conversion harness) NO LONGER Requires a core. For more information or questions regarding cores please call us at (626) 261-4052

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