B-series Standalone Race Engine Harness

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B-Series Motec engine harness is a universal, fully populated race loom that incorporates all the essential functionality of the fastest Front wheel drive Hondas of today.
Part# B-MOTEC-M130

If you are building a Front (or all) wheel drive race car and need the data and flexibility of the top computers on the market, then this is the harness for you. The Motec M130 EMS offers some of the best functionality on the market today, and this harness packs a punch, allowing all the necessary terminations. We have worked with some of the fastest front wheel drive race cars in the world and got there feedback. The harness we are offering allows for plenty of expansion, and pre-terminated connectors exactly where you need them.
Note: Special Order generally Ships in 2-4 Weeks
Motec M130 ECU w/OBD1 Alt/EV1 Inj/AEM IAT & MAP (Adapter Req)

Pre-terminated for:

COMPUTER Plug Selections: Motec M130 Default

Additional Cost (+$200): Haltech Elite 1000+, Syvecs S7, Fueltech 550+, Emtron KV8, Link G4, Motec M400+

Programming Cable Ethernet, or UBS depending on computer choice

Lambda/ Uego Bosch 4.9 LSU Wideband O2 sensor, Lambda over CAN, (Depends on computer chosen)

AIR TEMP AEM (AEM Part 30-2014)

OIL TEMP AEM (AEM Part 30-2013)

Fuel Pressure AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-100)

Oil Pressure AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-150)

Exhaust Backpressure (EMAP) AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-50 or 30-2130-75)

Manifold Pressure (MAP) AEM (AEM Part 30-2130-50 or 30-2130-75)

Throttle Position (TPS) Factory Honda B series

Coolant Sensor (ECT) Factory Honda B series

VTEC Factory Honda (1992+)

Speed Sensor (VSS Hydro) Factory Honda B series

Reverse Lights Factory Honda (1992+)

Starter Trigger Factory Honda

Coils Factory Honda K-series (Smart Coils)

Ground Ring Terminals for Coils and Computer Factory Honda

Knock Sensor Bosch 0261231188 (2 wire EV1)

Alternator Factory Honda (OBD0/1 or OBD2 styles available) Default is OBD2

Injectors (8 Injector) Bosch EV14 Default (ID 1050X)

Boost Solenoid (MAC solenoid) Rywire (Rywire 3 port or 4 port kit) DTM 2 pin

FLEX FUEL capable Rywire (Rywire flex fuel kit ) If wired into AUX connector.

12 pin Engine Bay AUX expansion (Contains power, 5V, sen ground, CAN, and 6 AV/DIG inputs)
5 pin Cabin AUX expansion (Contains 5V, sen ground, and 3 AV/DIG inputs)

Trigger (CAM/CRANK) T1 Trigger sensor Default (easily expandable for AEM EPM, T1 trigger, and Rywire CAM/CRANK trigger

DBW (Drive-By-Wire) capable We can create AUX expansion to wire in the DBW T.B. and Pedal

CAN BUS connectivity Powered CAN (connects devices such as loggers, dashes, and gauges)

Motec engine harness is designed to accept:
-T1 Race Development (cam trigger) Plugs directly into loom labeled “Trigger ”

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