F/ H-Series Harnesses

Mil-Spec F-Series & H-Series Wiring harness

F-Series and H-series wire harnesses offer Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire with a maximum heat rating of 200°C . The Teflon coated wire is loomed with The highest quality Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering, and adhesive lined wire junctions to keep moisture out. Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a yellow identification labels for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. New Harness NO Core Required

Honda B/D/H/K-Series Charge Harness

This charge harness for the starter and alternator leads. Made to use with D/B/F/H and K series tucked engine harnesses.

RW Ground Kit

Rywire Part# GROUND-KIT
The Rywire ground kit features:
- (1) 4 Gauge 20 inch long battery cable. (ring terminal style)
- (3) 8 Gauge 14 inch long ground wires.

The 3 shorter ground cables can be used for Front and Rear Transmission grounds as well as your Head/Valve cover ground.

AAAll grounds are protected with DR-25 high temp shrink.

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92-95 Civic/ Del-Sol & 94-01 Integra H22A Engine Wiring Harness Conversion

This conversion will make your EG Civic or DC2 Integra compatible with a H-Series engine. (see more details for instructions).
Note: We only support Internal coil distributors on H-Series Swaps. You can install any OBD1 coil into your External coil USDM H-Series distributor with very little modification.

90-02 Honda Accord H22A Engine Wiring Harness Conversion

This conversion will make your Honda Accord or Prelude wiring harness compatible with an H-Series engine.

Rywire Race Style Chassis Adapter Relay/Fuse Box

Race Style Chassis Adapter Relay/Fuse Box for Ry-Wire B-Series, D-Series and H-Series Tuck Harnesses
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Rywire Flying Lead Race (Universal) for B/D/H-Series

Flying Lead Race (Universal) for B/D/H-Series Harnesses Chassis Specific Adapter for Ry-Wire B-Series, D-Series and H-Series Tuck Harnesses
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Mil-Spec Hondata CPR COP Harness

Mil-Spec coil harness made to use RSX/S2000 "smart" coils and the Hondata CPR kit. This harness is made to match a Mil-Spec engine harness.
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VTEC Pressure Switch Delete Bolt (Titanium)

Titanium bolt (1) is a solution to delete the VTEC Solenoid Oil Pressure switch/sensor. (sold individually)
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88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX. 2 point to 4 point engine wiring harness conversion

Also called a Dual to Multi Point Conversion Harness. Required when swapping on a 88-91 Civic/ CRX "DX" Model. For D16, B16A, B17A B18B, B18C and B20 Swaps. Note: Standard harness does include VTEC wiring so if you are not going to be wiring in VTEC you will have a few extra plugs. The harness is however compatible with NON-VTEC motors.

96-00 Civic B-Series & D-Series Engine Wiring Harness Conversion

This plug and play harness conversion will make your 96-00 Honda Civic (EJ/EK/EM) compatible with a B-Series or D-Series engine and OBD1 ECU.
Note: These harnesses are warrantied and guaranteed to work, we provide installation support and troubleshooting. However our engine harnesses are non-refundable, returnable or exchangeable. Please make sure that you order the correct wiring harness for your application. If you are unsure of what you need, please contact us before ordering.